Monday, September 22, 2003

A lil' Girl

A lil' girl decides that she should try out some photography. She so manages to get a SLR camera with tele lens. Her friend advices to use 400 ASA roll, since camera has no flash… Ahem! But the girl feels that she can still get some pictures (pretty otimistic, ya see!)

Hence she gets the roll (which is a bit expensive than the normal one) and decides to take closeups of her friends. So it is…. Nice plan but only problem here is daylight. That means she has to take pictures before sunset. And she’s so busy all the days that camera didn’t get to see daylight for quite a few weeks.

But Sunday was the day, when she finally got her camera out. And what she experienced was well.... Ummmmmm... Well, let's just say, it isn't really exiciting.

She has this friend, a small boy and another friend, equally small girl, who she decided to shoot. But that small girl was so sleepy that she just refused to let any pictures taken. And small boy was so rude, he kept on grumbling about the time taken for focusing. Next the girl decides that she has had enough of such naughty friends. So she tells her friend to take her pictures instead. But lil’ boy was very cruel. He didn’t really take her pictures. He was always focusing on this small hut in the background, and the result is like this. In all the pictures it looks like this girl is trying to get into the way of hut…. So bery cruel!!!

You can check out nice pictures of hut in folder "my experiments with tele lens" at

Poor lil' girl... The harder she tries, the more she finds things going wrong!