Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hyderabad Rain

I ditched gym today. I was too lethargic to do anything else than to go home and drop dead in bed. I reached home and picked up “Hyderabad Times”. Guess what? Lights went off. Huh... I couldn’t help scolding myself for leaving office in the first place. So I was sitting there in dark and staring at window.

Suddenly I saw whole window frame lit up with bright light. “Looks like some welding work is going on” I thought. I like to see that. Especially in night, the string of bright sparks flowing out of metal looks amazing. So I went to balcony to take a look at it. I was surprised to see the scene. Sky was bluish gray and there was lightening going on. It was amazing. It was not the kind of lightening that I get to see normally. No bright lines no thundering sounds. Suddenly whole cloud would light up and outline the sky. It looked as if layers of bright blue satin were spread all over. I tried to take pictures with my mobile, but lightening was so quick I could hardly capture it. It went on for quite some time and then it started raining.

I made myself hot cup of green tea and enjoyed watching rain. It was fun sipping hot tea while feeling raindrops on cheeks. After some time, Showers got pretty strong and I was almost wet standing there. It’s fun to get wet in rain on hot summer day like this. I made mental note for myself - whenever I buy house I should make sure that it has huge open balcony.

I was standing there till I got completely soaked. Then it became too cold and I had to make another cup of tea. I made some potato chips too. Rain continued for some more time.

It’s just too good to be at home on days like this one.