Monday, May 10, 2004

An eventful Weekend

I had eventful weekend this time........

for a change, I /did not/ sleep the whole day. Instead, I tried some new recipes and surprisingly enough, they all turned out well. We made Batata-Vada, and believe it or not, it was awesome..... like the one we get in Dadar. A-thing-to-die-for :-)

My sister has got keyboard from Bombay. We all played weird tunes whole day. Sang lot of songs and tried to fit them in the notes. We took turns and boasted about our so-called talent. It was fun, especially since nothing was sounding similar to the original song. Poor neighbors!!!

On Mother's Day, I gave nice foot massage to Mom. She appreciated it too. (actually I got somebody to massage her, but then isn't it all about getting-things-done?) o:-)

And I managed to upload pictures from mobile to laptop. It's so easy, and quality is not all that bad either. So now on, it's going to be fuuuuunnnnnn!!!

People, get ready to see some amazingly weird pictures.

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