Monday, August 02, 2004


It feels nice when Exam is over. Have you ever noticed that light, cheerful feeling you get after you drop your last paper?

I am still wondering why does one study just one night before the exam even after having whole week off.

Anyway, all that is done now. Can't wait to see my result.



daku said...

thanks for your comment, V - and LOL! good luck on the exam results (-;

MMN said...

Study just one night before the exam is a universal phenomenon. It is all part of the system.

Best of luck to you to pass. If you don't pass, don't come to bangalore again :P.

Mridul said...

Like MMN said , for some people - exams last for just 2 days - the night before and the actual exam day :)

I dont know why you cant wait for the results - I usually want to postpone them as much as possible ;)

But then .... you might have actually prepared and did well - which can definitely not be said for any of my exams !!

Hope you get really cool results !

aaditya said...

Hmmm. BOL.

We all need a party (free booze+lotsa babes) if you do get your MCA >:-)


V said...


That is typical aadis...

But hey, what would I do in such a party?