Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bingeley bingeley beep!

Terry Pratchett is sure very innovative. I liked this idea of a small imp in a diary, who keeps track of all the daily appointments.... I think that is what I need right now.


It's not that it's going to manage all my work effectively. That small imp kept on messing up everything on the contrary. It used to mess up time zones of the appointments, it used to mark it on wrong days and on top it all, it used to provide some untimely stupid quotes.

But isn't that fun? I need something to keep me entertained here.



MMN said...

Use MSOffice98, outlook, project, works on top of MSWindows98. Gives you almost the same effect I say :D

daku said...

whatever you do, stay off the collabsuite. lol.