Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Durga Puja

I happened to get loooong leave starting from this weekend and I didn't have much planned. I was looking out for things to do. Meanwhile one of my friend from Kolkata invited me to see Durga Puja there. I have heard a lot about it, so I was pretty excited about the whole idea.

I started planning for it, only to discover that, it is just not possible to plan for Kolkata trip during Durga puja days. :-(

I had some hope since I had almost a month to plan for it. But to my surprise, I found that there are no tickets available (neither by air nor by rail) to travel there and to add to it, all hotels there are booked as well. I never felt so bad about anything.

After talking to Indraneel, who is from Kolkata, I discovered that one month is not at all sufficient to plan for Durga Puja. Every Bengali person on earth tries to travel to Kolkata during that time.

Note to myself - Plan for it at least four months in advance in the next year. Meanwhile take a look at this to see how is it in Kolkata during Durga Puja. You will have to click on the images in the left side.



If you travel by train, 2 months is sufficient, actually. You should get up at 5AM, and before 6 you must be in the railway reservation counter. Try to be within first 3/4 people. All Calcutta bound trains gets booked in 15/20 minutes.

If you hope to travel by flight, forget it. Try the previous method.

aaditya said...

damn, missing you already!


NY said...

I would suggest a travel agent. The 50 or so bucks extra is well worth the sleep that u gain. Also Indian Raliway has this rule that you can't book a ticket more than 60 days prior to the date of journey. Too late for this planning though. Next best option give an ultimatum for sweets. :)

V said...

LOL Kousik... at least I dont have to worry about the booking part. We have a travel agent who does all these things. :-)

NY, sweets eh? I think I am better off *not* eating any sweets for next couple of year :-D