Monday, October 04, 2004

GNU haiku

This one is funny.

NKV and me have been talking about haiku and I decided to write some haiku on gnu (pretty challenging, eh?). Well, there are better "subjects", but I suspect they will mind it if I try to use them.

So here it is...

Last I spoke to him
he was reading Python
he is cute, isn't he?

NKV said it is 5/6/5, but I don't care anyways. :-) Although he admitted that his roomie doesn't really inspire him to write poetry, he tried a quick one.

Free software hacker
uncut beard and shaggy mane
still so lovable

It is obvious that my version is lot more nice and easier to understand... clap clap!!!


Noufal said...

Clap Clap indeed. Don't stop at a haiku. Compose an ode now. :)

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

haiku... checkout the ones on the 404 File not found.
they are cute!

Alex Schroeder said...

It's 5/7/5, with a season word and a sudden change on the last line...

Dancing lines of code
Floating sadness, but outside
Hot sun and no shade

MMN said...

Hmm... Just a set of small rules and it makes difficult, the art of poem writing. I remember my sister asking me how a poet was able to write a thousand line or so poem based on a set of rules called the "Keka".
That was the time I used to admire Malayalam poetry.

Anyways keep such things coming. :)

Noufal said...

I think the beauty of Haiku is in it's brevity and restriction.
It's concentrated. Many of them can be expanded into pages of conventional verse.

That's what I was talking about here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about this.

make install and hope it works
snow crash? Use The Source.

5/7/5, season word and all. Or you could just use apt-get, I guess:/
And *damn*, the book's a blockbuster:)

- sb

Anonymous said...

Yeah, haikus are poignant concentrates. Need to slow down a lot to enjoy these. Wish I knew Japanese though.
- sb

daku said...

hmmm this explains why at first when reading NKV's blog i thought Aaditya was his girlfriend.

ok, this is a joke, don't bust me!

aaditya said...

DK, you are in trouble, I swear to god, $%^&*