Monday, November 29, 2004

Another Adventure Camp

Yesss! I did it again.....

This time there was no water skiing. Just a lots of walking and rock climbing and rappelling. Sun was a bit too harsh, but I enjoyed the walks and rocks and grass fields nevertheless.

We played a little game of finding the way on our own to the base of the hill and managed to get lost in the bushes (not just once, but multiple times). My jacket was full of thorns by the time we reached that place (Thanks to all those thorny wild-bushes). Tasting the wild-berries along the way was fun though.

Once we reached to the bottom of the hill, climbing rocks to reach to the tiger point was the next adventure in the line. After all those exhausting activities, rappelling was just a piece-of-cake. I would have loved to do it again, but the thought of climbing the rocks again to reach to the rappelling point was a way too discouraging.

We were on the hill until the sunset and then there was a scary walk down. We somehow managed our way down with the help of limited number of torches. I used my mobile light to check the path... a true adventure.

A note to myself.... never try to climb down a rocky hill in dark again.


NY said...

Caught this pic on flickr first. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Though whats with the countless self potraits along with the trip ones :)

daku said...

wow - pretty pix - this one and the ones on the lake! and good luck with your move. i hope you'll go to b'lore, so i can see you when i visit (-:

V said...

NY, I took all those pictures with my cell phone camera... they look pretty good, eh? :-P

DaKu, I am mostly going to Bangalore. See you soon there. :-)

Mr. Ameer said...

looks like you are an adventurer too. great! your experience reminds me of this one trip i went with some students to a mountain through jungles of course. about 5 hours climb up. we went early in the morning planning to be back by evening, but a couple of unfit students who pretended to be fit made the trip extremely adventurous cuz we had to climb down in pitch darkness with only 3 small torches for 30 people. total time taken to climb back?? 11 hours!!! believe it. if you ever plan to come to Malaysia, remind me to bring you to some of those mountains :)

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