Thursday, December 23, 2004

Disoriented DaKu

I had planned for this eVil act way back, when DaKu gave me her contact details. Yeah, she did give *all* her numbers. I had warned her about the obvious dangers then, but looks like she didn’t know me well enough then. :-)

This week was kinda boring…
Nkv is too busy with his new job title and a new laptop.
Mridul is suspiciously idle (at the Yahoo Messenger) all the time.
Aaditya is *not* connected most of the time (Thanks to those numerous power outages in his company).
And MMN is literally *gaayab* from the blog scene as well as from the chat.

So I decided to have some fun myself and gave DaKu an early morning *wakeup call* on her cell (duh! It was not really very very early… just 7 AM).

She was totally disoriented. First of all she didn’t recognize me at all (throughout the call). She asked me how did I get her cell number. When I told her she is the one who gave it to me, she was all the more puzzled. I think she was not able to understand a lot of stuff happening to her, so finally she asked me what I wanted.

Muhahahaha….. I should have told her to get a bagful of money and keep it on the "Red Rock", which is behind “Kali Pahadi” (LOL, it will be like robbing a dacoit). But I was more generous and let her sleep instead.

Damn, I need to work on my “good” side. Or else I fear I wont qualify as an eVil anymore. ;-)

1 comment:

daku said...

V, i can see u are already delivering excellent shock value for gaddar inc. Keep up the good work. If you rob a daku, what does it make you? an uber-daku? perhaps u are daku rani. ROFLMAO. and yes. u did confuse the hell out of me. i only had maybe 5-6 hrs of sleep.