Friday, February 25, 2005

BLACK Evaluated!

me : I liked Black.
Aaditya : Yeah, it's a nice movie.
me : For one thing, it is not made like a typical Bollywood movie. There is no miracle in the end and there is no hero.
Aaditya : Of course there is one. Amitabh is the hero in there. He even kisses her.
me : I mean, they don't go dancing around.... Ummm, well, they do.
Aaditya : Exactly.



Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

whats so funny in this? i dinn get it!!

V said...

Duh! Black is not funny.

daku said...

Amitabh - u mean the now elderly dude who tends to get compared to Sean Connery?
/me shows off nanobits of Bollywood knowledge.

V said...

Y0 DaKu, you know it all. :-)