Sunday, March 20, 2005

House Hunting

It's been a while since I am paying a huge tax religiously. But after shifting to Bangalore something bit me and I decided to buy a house (ok, it'll be a flat actually). And Thus starts my endless house hunt.

It's a long procedure and you would want it to end, even before it starts. Finding numbers of brokers and/or owners is the easiest of it all. And then the actual fun starts... when you try to *talk* to them. I never had so many unpleasant conversations in such a short time span. Some of them were so bad that I wished it would end right then (I have a strong feeling that the other end must be feeling the same way... LOL).

I have talked to so many of them that I can easily identify their type just by looking at the ad they post.

1. Mr. I-Have-Them-All
He tries to put in as many key words as possible, so that he gets the maximum number of calls. When you call him up, he will take down your contact number and ask for your budget and the location preferences. Not to mention that he won't have anything to show in that area for the given budget and he will never ever call you back. I have a strong feeling that he must be selling the contact information to somebody.

2. Mr. No-Brokers-Please
This owner types are the most shrewd ones. They are VERY arrogant and they decide their own price (which is mostly NOT negotiable). They think they have the hottest property. They don't want anybody else telling them what the average rate is in that area.

3. Mr. Near-Indira-Nagar
I fail to understand how every place is somehow very near to IndiraNagar. Some brokers will always try to convince you, that the place is ONLY 5 KM from IndiraNagar. It's verrrrry close, Madam.

4. Mr. Clear-Documents
This type is extraaaaa cautious. They will inquire everything about you and your (at least) two generations. If you happen to ask about the landmarks near the property, they will give you entire list of directions to reach there (even if you don't want to go there).

5. Mr. Huh-Not-Enough
These brokers will ask for your budget first and whatever you quote will be just enough to buy a site..... forget about the house (Oops, I mean the flat.) Very humiliating, I tell you!

6. Mr. Early-Booking
Sigh.... They will always try to convince you that there are NO other flats coming up in that area for at least another ten years. There are aways only-two-flats available and prices are definitely going to be doubled soon. Bah!


ETV said...

The worst creatures in Bangalore are brokers and landlords. I understood how money can take people to the such disgusting levels of animals through my experience with them. So Be extra cautious and Best of luck.

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

well, one thing i can tell you sweeto, you are not in hyderabad anymore, so get tougher! I just love this place. the people are so much simpler and more honest to deal with.


Whatever you buy, remember to do a strict legal check on that. Almost everyone is deviating from the approved plan, like constructing an extra floor etc. Keep some good lawyers' references handy.

Moonjungle said...

Correction ETV, it is we who have upgraded ourselves to a disgusting higher level. Animals are more down to Earth; We're 2 legged upright freaks doing ourselves in.