Friday, April 29, 2005

Of new Jobs, new Salary Structures and new Salaries

Every time you change a job, your salary changes (How dumb, thats the whole point...). But things are not as simple as they sound.

After being taken over by IBM, we all went through the nightmarish forms-filling sessions. I must have filled more forms in past 10 day than I had filled in past 10 years. heh.

They arranged for numerous sessions to explain the new policies and new salary structure. I bet nobody can understand any of that stuff on the paper. Oh boy, this CTC thing always kills me. Predicting a take-home-salary for the given CTC numbers is as complex (and useless) as predicting weather. So every time I get any new CTC figures, I simply wait for the first salary to find out the actual take home. And it has never failed to annoy me so far.

Ok, you must have guessed by now.... alright, I got my first salary credited today, and it is about 30% less. *Shudder*

Why can't they standardize CTC throughout the country? So that whichever company you join, just ask for the new CTC number and you will know exactly how much you will be getting every month.

I strongly protest for this obnoxious CTC structure.

PS - /me needs to marry an accountant.


sb said...

Oh we all need to marry accountants. Coz once you figure out your take-home, there is still the insurmountable obstacle that is the Tax laws!

Rajeshwari said...

Yes this CTC figure is always complex to understand,that is how employers try to attract people by telling the ctc figure.

Noufal said...

Oh man. That is /so/ true. I make a really crude calculation and then provide a really wide margin of error. If the final pay at the end of the month comes within that, I'm happy. Otherwise, I revise my margin of error.

ETV said...

I think we need to ask them what would be the take home salary when anyone is being interviewed.

NY said...

extremely true. Today during the talk with the HR of a company asked her to show me the sal slip that i will get in the first month wihtout the added tadka. She complied .. it was the greatest revelation. :)