Friday, May 06, 2005

Various ways

This is how Aaditya shoots his pictures. The effects are awesome....

Go figure out yourself how this was taken...

And considering the fact that these two shots were taken at the same place and almost one-after-another, this is sheer brilliance. 8-X

Ok, kidding!

I wouldn't have cribbed this much, but he scolded me so much for the time I spend on focusing that I had to post those. He just refused to stand still, so this is what I could manage.

Lovely hair! :-)


Mridul said...

The concentration of sarcasm is so much , it is dripping onto my desk here ;)
One day , he might become one of the best photographers in the world ! and then he will make you eat your words :)
Go sood go !!

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

nice hair dude! :-D

by the way nice sarcasm, mridul. :)

/me is kinda jealous.