Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad pomegranate, Wotwotleigh and Peanuts

It's difficult to judge a fruit by its outer appearance, at least a pomegranate. I love to buy this fruit. It looks nice and red. I love that red glaze on fresh ones. UhhUhhh! but all fresh looking ones may not be actually fresh. Like yesterday, I bought this nice big red pomegranate, only to find that it was all bad inside. :-(

I am doing pretty well in the "Reading" department. I have finished two big "Miss Marple" ones and now I am already half way through the PG Wodehouse. I like Jeeves and Wooster, but I fancy this name Wotwotleigh. It's amusing. Whenever I think about Wodehouse, I am reminded of this name.

I love to eat something silly while reading in the late nights. Apples are nice, but one can't eat them all the time. Besides you need to check what you are eating, before biting into it. I don't like to chew on it's seeds. I bet nothing can beat peanuts. They are handy and you don't need to pay much attention while eating that. It looks like I am going to eat loads of peanuts.

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