Sunday, August 07, 2005

Evening Walks

It's nice to walk....

I always thought it is impossible to take out some time in the evening to do anything. But it's not all that difficult. It's fun to walk while listening to the radio. I get to observe people around too. :-)

We have a nice swimming pool and a small park inside the residential complex nearby. And to my surprise it is always flooded with people.... of various ages.

There are kids trying to learn bicycle or zooming by on their tricycles. Some cool kids do skating. Hmmmm, they do it pretty well too. I couldn't even walk for two feet when I tried it last time. :-P

There are groups of old aunties and uncles... who are dressed up in jogging shoes et al (and all they do is to sit on the benches and chat) . Ok not all of them, there are some cute old couples who walk hurriedly. They hold each other and walk caring-ly.... bery bery sweet!

There are lot of cute young Moms, who walk with the baby carts. Hmmm, figure conscious Moms! They walk in small groups and chat a lot. From what I get to hear, it is mostly about the in-laws, baby food, baby habits and TV serials.

There are couple of obedient sons who help their Mom's to walk. Ummm, or may be Grand-Moms. They look very proud (and sometimes bored of walking slowly).

There are serious joggers as well. There are some tall (handsome) guys who jog with headsets and iPods, some middle aged executives who run in the jogger shorts and some cute girls who flaunt there pink gym suits. Nice!

Yay! and there are very small kids who have just discovered walking. They giggle a lot and try to run around with their parents trying to hold them. They look so happy.

All in all, evening walks are fun.

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