Sunday, September 11, 2005


I take an auto from office to home and most of the times the fare cames to 20. Lot of times I give 100 Rs note and get back my change.

And if I happen to get back 50+10+10+10, every single time I feel it as 70.


I have tried recounting and still I ended up with 70. I used to ask the fella if he has given it correctly, but that used to cause a lot of embarrassment. So I have stopped questioning about it. For a time being I have decided to assume it 80 whenever I count 70.

I wonder why do I always end up counting 80 as 70.



Optical illusion? :-) But hey, when an autowalla gives you eighty bucks of change, take it by all means, even if that looks like seventy! Many times I had to "tip" 10 bucks because he didn't have change ... :-(

Arz000n said...

What are the chances of you counting 70 as 80??

Its okie as long as its a 10 Rs difference...dont stretch it to 700-n-800 or even 7000-n-8000. Boy thats gonna pinch a lot ;)

Take care...
Greetz for z000nie boi :)