Sunday, October 30, 2005

Scrollbar missing!

I upgraded to Firefox beta 2 and i lost my scrollbar. The right side of the pages look so plain and empty. I am going to break my finger soon if I keep using the mouse wheel to scroll.

Will I ever get my scrollbar back?

Dear scrollbar, please come back. I am going insane without you.


Mukund said...

Firefox 1.5 Release Version is due out tommorrow (Nov 1st). If you cant wait for it, go here to the final pre-release version download it:

and haan.. congratulations
1. on ur marriage!!
2. not being stupid.

however, after reading 1 & 2.. am not too sure ;)



/me using firefox 1.5b2 since the day it was out. I guess you may have a theme problem; so switch to a compatible one.