Friday, November 18, 2005

Shiny new car

After this, I did not try driving my car again. I really care for it, you know.

After much discussions, it was decided that I should take some driving classes instead (so that I can trash driving school's car). And once I manage to drive to a certain extent, my car will come into the picture. Of course, car was meant to be un-repaired until then (all ready for the action... LOL). But unluckily (and luckily for the car), I couldn't find enough time to join the driving classes.

Aaditya used to drive it once in a while with all those broken indicators and other stuff. We all were lazy about getting it fixed. But since past one week, we started facing a new problem. We started getting a flat tier every alternate day (I suspect somebody was puncturing it in the night). It was so much annoying. Every time we took our car out, we had to change the tier. We did it couple of times already.

So finally we decided to get it all fixed - tiers, indicators and dents, all of it. It's looks like a shiny new car now. I love my car.

Time to take the driving lessons!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So your KAR got "TIERS" ?? WOW!
- Leprechaun