Thursday, December 29, 2005

Photos! Photos!!

It's been about three weeks since we are back to Bangalore and I am already fed up telling people that our wedding photos are not yet ready. Whoever we meet just ask one question "Where are the photos?"

And to make it more worse, our photographer is taking his own sweet time to print and compile the wedding albums. I am not sure if any of our friends have the wedding snaps, since all those ceremonies happened during the midnight, when everybody was either sleepy or waiting-for-it-to-get-over.


So until our photographer gets some time off to write a CD for us, I decided to post these Mehendi snaps. Applying Mehendi was an endless process and when I thought it was end of it all, actual troubles started. it was terribly painful to sleep while trying-not-to-disturb-it. Himachal was very very cold in the night and mehendi almost made me freeze. My limbs were all numb and I couldn't move my toes at all. In short, even if I look all happy in those snaps, don't get fooled by that.

I still shudder at the thought of that time.



welcome back! and happy new year ..

Arz000n said...

Im a finger fetish guy...and I drool when I see gals with cute mehendis on there hands...

This one is awesome :)