Monday, January 30, 2006

Three Sunflowers

It took me a while to start with the oil painting, but I am happy the way this one has turned out. I mean I am no Picasso after all.


And this one is sold the day it got completed.... for a blank cheque. Believe me, the painting looks much more decent than this photo. I tried couple of times but somehow I could never capture the exact shades in the painting.

It's fun doing oil painting. No matter what you do, it always looks brilliant. As you keep adding more layers of colors, the picture changes dramatically. The only problem is, it takes ages to dry. So when you want to add another layer, you have to wait for a least couple of days. It's a long process. But it is worth it.

I think if I start multiple paintings at the same time, I can do it effectively. While one painting is drying, I can work on another. But my bedroom will be full of turpentine smell all the time.


I am going to do few more paintings, while I am at it.


Saanchi said...

Hey, we know you are Vaishalee (that's what the name u gave )..then how can we think that you are picasso? ok..bad joke :).

Beautiful peace of art. As usual, excellent work ! :-)

saanchi said...


Moonjungle said...

I see that you have finally taken the plunge. Looks Good. Congrats! The toughest part while doing oils is to maintain interest in ur painting.
Check out
The chap uses photoshop & painter but the technique he uses is same as what one would use for oils/acrylics. Funda is the same, should give u enough ideas. Keep it coming :)

MMN said...

Taking ages to dry? What do you use as the medium? Coconut oil? :P

neurohavoc said...

the blank check was from?

Noufal said...

Nice. Is it still at your place or hauled off already?


Great going! I am not rich enough to buy arts, but sure I appreciate them!

Mridul said...

Looks really cool !
Congrats on the check , it is nice to have rich patrons :-)