Wednesday, April 26, 2006

8:10, old madras road, sunset

Last one month was different. I mean, I have never woken up at 7 and never left office at 5-30 consistently for such a long duration.

I was bit unhappy about the new office in the outer ring road, but now I have got used to it. Mornings are busy trying to catch the office shuttle, so that I don't have to face the meaningless bargains with auto fellas. So nowadays when clock shows 8:10, I get this strong urge of hurrying up even on weekends (If I am awake i.e.). These days I fondly wait for the weekends to catch up with my weekly quota of sleep. :-)

The old madras road is the highlight of the most of the evenings on the way back home. The traffic is getting worse day by day, and the road condition doesn't help it either. Amidst of the thick fog of dust and pollution, I somehow manage to see a piece of sky through the shuttle window. Big red sun flickering through tall trees and blue clouds
makes a lovely sight. Tiny birds flying back home in small groups make me wonder if it is easy for them, as there is no traffic jam up there.

I wish we could invent a pair of wings, so that we don't have to beg the auto fellas.


aaditya said...

Learn to drive? :D


Anyways the stress is taken by your bus driver. Things are much much worse if you had to drive. Every driving session reduces your lifetime by a few days.

I'd say enjoy your bus ride :-)