Tuesday, May 09, 2006


  • Even if I want to put my cellphone radio to loudspeaker, I need to connect my headset. Argh!
  • Sometimes my green peas curry ends up being an ultimate disaster. Even after boiling for hours together, those green peas just don't get boiled.
  • Just when I need to run to catch my office shuttle some random user will ping with some stupid problems.
  • Mosquitoes in summer
  • Endless advertisements on Radio City
  • Power cuts in Bangalore
  • Auto fellas asking for one-and-half whenever and wherever you want to go.
  • Maid who loves to bunk whenever possible


Vaibhav said...

How can you forget me??? :p

Moonjungle said...

Soak peas in water & leave overnight.


- get small speakers and connect as headset
- smash the peas in mixie first, you can always make tiny balls from the paste later
- don't pickup calls after 4:30
- get a mosquito spray done at home
- switch to 93.3 mirchi
- stay in office, they run generator 24x7
- buy a bike
- next time she comes make her do all pending work. That'd mean you have to buy 14 plates if she comes once a week, but we did that as an effective strategy

Phew, feels nice solving people's problems :-)

Mridul said...

ROFl , nice 'solutions' :-)
The plates solutions is something I have already adopted and extended it for other things as well.
I dont face the other problems :-D

Avnish Katoch said...

Check http://himachal.us/?p=407