Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random thoughts

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, while lying in my hammock I was observing squirrels around. One can hardly do anything else while holding a hot cup of tea in one hand and trying to be as lazy as possible, right? Squirrels are weird creatures. They usually look busy but I doubt that. They seem be having fun by just running around from one branch to another. I wonder if they ever sit back and relax on some swinging branch and observe people walk by on the street.

I love to watch people. We stay in a crowded place in Mumbai. I still like the idea of standing in the open window with nose tightly pressed against the window bar and chin resting on another for hours together. It's so much fun watching a dark rainy day as well as nice bright sunny day. People walking by, people chatting in the middle of the road, people riding bicycles, people driving cars, people trying to cross road, people buying vegetables, kids running around.... everything is so lively. I wouldn't get bored of watching people at all. Street markets are always full of life.

Here in Bangalore, we
(thankfully) don't have any market road nearby to watch through window. I can't watch people on road, but I like to watch trees. Huge trees with monstrous branches and tiny leaves, swinging coconut trees, lovely colorful flowers and delicate patterns of sky visible through the tree branches. I wish we had a really big balcony, so that I could stretch a little bit.

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