Thursday, September 21, 2006


Whenever I sneeze, I feel that my heart skips a beat. In fact, the whole functionality stops for a moment and it feels so good when you are done with it. It's almost like a new incarnation... After every sneeze heart resets it's counter and starts for zero again. Something like opening database with resetlogs option.


Aaditya always sneezes at least 5-6 times at one go. I call it a sneeze attack. I assume that there is some system problem, due to which his counter doesn't get reset with just one sneeze.



MMN said...

It is not a sneeze attack, it is a mishap in a soda factory :)

Alex Schroeder said...

Didn't Calvin or his dad say somewhere that with every sneeze, little parts of your brain come flying out of your nose? If he didn't, he ought have.