Friday, September 01, 2006

w00t: TransMovie

I am missing too many good movies, which are made in other languages. Well, one can also see movies with subtitles, but I don't really like that. When you see movie with subtitles, most of the times you are busy reading them and end up missing all the action on screen. Besides you have to wait until DVDs are available for that movie and even in the DVD one can't have all the languages. In fact, in case of Indian regional movies, they won't bother to put subtitles at all.

I think there could be some translator software made for movies. Cinema halls can provide headphones, if required. So if you go for a Tamil movie, you can choose the translation you want and hear it using headphone.

Watching movies will be more fun.


Reflections said...

wait for a while.. hdtv is coming ;o)

neurohavoc said...

i think what u r looking for is a babel fish

Alex Schroeder said...

I actually like subtitled movies. Here in Switzerland, all movies are subtitled unless they are specifically for children. All movies in the German part of Switzerland are subtitled in German and French. I think watching movies in English, Japanese, Turkisch, Arabic, or Danish broadens our horizont. I like that.

My advice, therefore: Learn to read faster. ;) Hahaha.

aaditya said...

And of course, move to Switzerland ;)