Saturday, January 06, 2007

5 things most people don't know about me

I am not tagged by anyone, but this sounded interesting. So here is my list,

1. I hesitate a lot before opening a conversation with unknown people.
2. I love the smell of roasted fenugreek seeds.
3. I wish I could be a painter.
4. I desperately want to patent something on my name.
5. I want to learn one foreign language.


Alex Schroeder said...

Oh my, nobody tagged you? That's so sad! :) I've been trying to learn Arabic for years now. It's such a pain, I seriously hope it's going to at least delay Alzheimer's!!

V said...

Wicked Alex, you are tagged now.

Mridul said...

re 1:
no hestitation while talking to me :P

re 4:
sood did not flame you for it ? ;)
Trust me, the legal hassle is not worth it - we gave up and made it a research disclosure :-D

re 5:
Learn kanadda ;)

V said...

Well, I did hesitate... but you guys never notice anybody when you start talking about computers and REC.


MMN said...

On 1: I didn't find that as an "ISSUE" with you :). We were total strangers till some years back. May be it was my "Charm" that loosened you :-D
On 2: I noticed a weird smell when I netered your house, it was this eh? :P
On 3: Start by painting the house :)
On 4: If you could patent phrases you could have tried "You are so MEAN!" :P
On 5: Try malayalam. You can at least try and say "KallaLakshman" (What say Daku? :))

Arz000n said...

I ran away from Japanese language learning class, afta they started with, thts one scary script :)