Monday, February 26, 2007

US Trips

It's been very busy lately.

I had to plan for my first ever US trip in real hurry, since my manager wanted me to go only during certain period. Thanks to Chandra and my brother (who came to see me off from Hyderabad), I could barely pack my bags in time to catch the flight.

In US, I had a real good time... Thanks to all my friends out there. Saanchi was placed in the same hotel and we shopped till we dropped. It was sort of re-bonding for us after our Hyderabad days together. Daku, Shekhar, Sandesh, Peshla, Kiran, Suresh, Rajiv, Madhuri, Jotsna and her husband.... list is long (and not all of them have blogs :-P ).
They took good care of me. I had lot of fun and some really good food. My colleagues in US were surprised to know that I had so many friends in US. I think they were plain jealous.


I bought some bizarre things (i.e. camping tent, sleeping bags et al), due to which I had to leave some important things (read chocolates) back. I had to make numerous trips to the check-in counter, since my cabin baggage was exceeding their tiny 7kg limit. After a lot of struggle, I could somehow distribute the stuff in check-in luggage and cabin luggage. Daku was kind enough to keep my excess stuff with her. Thus finally I was back in Bangalore. It's good to be home.... back to husband. I missed him a lot.

I could barely settle down and then it was Aaditya's turn to go. Sigh! We are kinda weird couple. All such things end up happening to us. We go to places and enjoy them... just that it's never together.


Anyway, jokes apart, my previous packing experience helped me a lot this time. We were pretty much organized, except for the last part where we couldn't find Ashok (Aaditya's friend) on airport. ROFL.

So as I was saying, we were doing it really well. We made a checklist of things to be carried, documents to be printed, list of phone numbers etc etc. All the bags were neatly packed , tagged and we were all set to go. I requested Ashok to join us in his car, so that we can get ride back from airport. We loaded all bags in Ashok's car since it was nice big one. We (me and Aalok) jumped into the cab with Aaditya and Ashok followed us in his car. Somewhere on the way, he lost us and then we realized that we won't be able to call up Ashok, since none of us have his cell number.

At airport the departure gate was flooding with people (make sure you avoid flying on Friday nights), and we were so engrossed in packing that we didn't even decide the meeting spot. We ended up running around quite a bit to find him. It was a long painful wait before we could spot him again. The queue (trust me there was a long queue just to enter inside the airport) had tripled by then. But all is well which ends well.

Now Aaditya is in US and I am missing him . The cycle continues.....


Manish said...

welcome back :) !

How you doing ?
I kinda take pride in the fact that i am a good 'packer' and can pack my bags perfectly well w/o missing out anything (imp). I guess i'd write a tutorial for that :).


daku said...

hey Tiger, your things are serving me nicely and the chocolates were good!~ yay! dakus have a reputation to keep :P

V said...


Tiny Seal said...

Was surprised at how cool and laid back you were packing, unpacking, repacking, unpacking, packing at sfo. i guess small brave tigers have it in them.

By your fourth trip, you'll be nothing but one 50kg suitcase and one 1kg backpack carryon, i assure :-)