Wednesday, April 04, 2007

W00t: Cellphone with auto battery

The battery life of the cellphones is a big concern. Of course, it's a great excuse to cut an unwanted call by saying "My battery is dying.", but there are more disadvantages than the advantages here. It's like Murphy's law - When you really need to call up somebody, you end up having low battery.

I am fed up with number of chargers lying around in my house. Every time you buy a new phone, you get a new charger. No cellphone manufacturers like to have their two phone with same charger style. They take pride in re-designing the chargers... new shape, new connectors, new voltage, new current blah blah. So if you have n cellphones, you get to have n chargers. So when you are traveling, you need to carry all your chargers wherever you go (since charging stations are not really reliable yet). I wish all the cellphone manufacturers could come up with something like an universal charger, which can charge all the cellphones.

Or better still, if there is some sort of auto powered battery... or something with a hand-crank to charge the battery manually. It will be awesome if they come up with a battery, which can get charged with sunlight, like those calculators. Or they can use voice to charge the battery.... more you talk, longer your phone will get charged.

LOL, it will work better for the service providers.


aadis said...

Awesome idea! Esp the Voice one :)

And I liked the hand crank too. Did a certain flashlight give you a certain impetus in that direction? ;)

tinyseal said...

Cellphone manufacturers would never do that. They would want to earn money from charger sales in addition to instrument sales. Making your life easier is of lesser concern to them :-)

Moonjungle said...

About 2 years ago there was an article in the B'lore edition of a newspaper, which said some guys at IISC came up with a cool idea. They had very small tubes made of carbon atoms and when you passed water through these tubes they stored energy. Now just imagine it applied to mobile phones. OH crap! out of charge find the nearest water cooler & run it through water!


Long time ago I used to have an AC-DC adapter which could take in 110-240V, can give output from 6-24V (selectable via a slider), could change polarity, and had octopus (or anemone) like different heads to fit any type of DC in of any appliance. I wonder if such type of universal charger will be available in market.

Manoj M said...

You can easily get a multi volt adaptor from the market, which has a screw kind of thing for various voltages. As a matter of fact most of the mobile phones use almost the same voltages/currents, it is just those damned connectors which are a hassle.

In this business they make money like that, a charger is usually the most misplaced object. So you will spend anywhere from 250-500 bucks to buy one.