Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Have money, buy one!

Well, it's not quite as simple as that. It's not long back when I posted about D80 and longed for it. I wished I had money to buy it ASAP. Now I actually got the money (Thanks to Aaditya), but I am not able to make up my mind.

There are lot of confusions.

May be I have read too many reviews of 40D.


I wish I could hire somebody to carry the whole D80 (or any other DSLR for that matter) kit wherever I go. I have seen Chandra lugging around his big camera bag and I can't picture myself doing it. Aaditya has outright refused to help in that matter. Suddenly, lightweight cameras make so much sense.

I want to take my camera wherever I am able to go. On top of the mountain... in the rain... under water... everywhere. Pentax Optio makes me reconsider the purchase of any DSLR.

Lastly I don't know if I really need DSLR. I like to take pictures and I sometimes feel that if I had a better camera, I could take better pictures. But lately photos on flickr has forced me to think otherwise. There are some really awesome pictures taken with my current camera.


Moonjungle said...

You have accurately described my predicament in this post :)
I'm still using an Olympus (not digital) for the past 10 years and haven't clicked a snap with it for the past 4 years. There is nothing wrong with the old chap still a good performer. But developing & printing is actually expensive. Going digital makes sense. Getting an SLR makes even more sense. But the dang thing is too bulky to carry around on a daily basis. I think something sleeker is always better if your not into hardcore photography. As for me I just want to snap up references at pretty high resolutions, so am saving up for something worth less than its weight.

Mridul said...

vipin selected a olympus 7 mega pixel camera for me ... and it still works great - when i rarely use it that is !

enjoy your vacation ... i mean, work from H :-D and take some neat pics !

Alex Schroeder said...

I recently switched from a very small camera (Exilim) to a much bigger SLR (Pentax K110D). What can I say? It's a drag to carry. It looks more valuable than a small camera, so I'm more afraid of being robbed. The quality of my pictures has not increased dramatically. It has increased because I have a much better resolution. But had I bought a new model of a small camera, I would have reaped the same benefit.

My suggestion: Don't do it.