Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Ma is here and she is vegetarian. She keeps making lot of things for me, so I decided to cook something different for her.

Suddenly I got up with this idea of sushi. I am no fan of raw fish, (but Aaditya seems to adore sushi). I decided to try out veg sushi instead, so that we all can enjoy it. There are plenty of recipes on net and the process of rolling sticky rice on nori sheets sounds pretty manageable to me.

Now the quest for nori sheets, wasabe and Japanese sticky rice has started. Can somebody help me in finding these things in Bangalore?


Moonjungle said...

Although I haven't seen Japanese food stuff in the 'Gourmet' store, its worth a look. The store can be found on MG Rd. near the old G.K. Vale store. Also you might want to try the Wine & Cheese store at the fag end of Brigade Rd (If I remember it right).

Saum Vish said...

Hey, did you find the sticky rice et al?

BTW, did you know Dahlia on church street has some pretty good sushi? Only drawback being the entire restaurant is 'smoking' cos there is no 'no smoking' section

V said...

well, making sushi was another passing fancy. But who knows, I might go out and get all the required things and try to make it at home someday. I am pretty hopeful.


Yeah, I heard about Dahlia, but since we moved to Sarjapur junction, going to M G road is like traveling-to-another-universe.