Saturday, February 09, 2008

Random things I fancy

When Sean (our VP) was here, I happened to ask him about his hobbies. Guess what, in his off time he makes planes. OMG! how k3w1 is that.... A plane, which can actually fly too. I think living in US has it's own advantages. Here in India, I am not even allowed to brew stupid beer at home.

Any way, talking about planes, made me serious about my hobbies. Considering the number of hours he had to put in his hobby (thousands of hours I was told), all my hobbies seem like mere passing fancies (as Aaditya likes to describe them as).

Like the other day, I decided to buy, rather make a telescope. I did some research, talked to people who are already owning one, even googled for shops in Bangalore. Apparently, it's pretty expensive to build a decent telescope. Ahem! May be, someday I will have enough money to spend on such things.

The other day, I read about a ball pit on xkcd blog. Seriously fun stuff to have at home, me thinks. Now only if I could find such crush-proof balls in Bangalore! I need to google.

There was one more crazy idea of having a jacuzzi setup at home. I would call it crazy because, both our bathrooms don't have enough space to even fit in a decent bath tub. So I came up with a workaround, to get rid of bed in the second bedroom and install jacuzzi in the middle of the bedroom. Aaditya explained to me that it needs lots of fitting (and not just in/out water pipes) to be done with cement work involved. Sigh! I don't think our landlord (yes, we have rented a flat) is ever going to happy about that part.

The only somewhat-doable fancy idea is doing-lot-of-paintings-in-Himachal. I am planning to carry my oil paints and brushes (damn, I can't carry my shiny new stand) and go around places to do paintings. I will need somebody to carry the stuff for me though.


PS - It is raining now... and I feel like walking near the swimming pool. But I won't (since its 12-30 AM now).



Had I had enough money, I also would have maintained uncommon exotic hobbies :-)

Happy Birthday!

Tiny Seal said...

hey, you can hire one or two or three "boys" carry your painting materials around for you in Himachal. And one boy to bring you hot chai on the hour. Basically hobbies that involve chaprasis, thats something people cant afford in US :-)


Sridhar Oruganti(Lead or Deal) said...

As you are into about digital art?

aaditya sood said...

Imagine the surprise on the landlord's face when he walks into his house and discovers one of the bedrooms is a jacuzzi+sauna!