Sunday, April 27, 2008

New kid on the blog

To be frank, there was no time to write even a single blog entry, forget about starting a new blog. Making babies is one hell of a time consuming job. But I still thought that, it would be a good idea to keep baby-related-cribbing away from this blog. The point is, people who don't like to hear about other people's children (I am one of them) can steer away from the whole thing altogether.


Actually there is so much to write about the baby stuff, that I decided to start a new blog. It's going to be kinda diary of growing-up-of-Pari (at least I have planned it to be so far). I hope that she will have good fun, when she gets to read it some day.

I always wished that I had more memories of my childhood. But all I have got are few old photos and some certificates from school - no toys, no old notebooks, no dresses. So I am going to put together small small and totally irrelevant things happening with us.

I hope she would like to know about her childhood some day. It's going to be bizarre, since all I can do is "cribbing".


So if you are interested in knowing about what's going on with our little princess, then do click on this.

PS - Some seriously boring stuff can be expected, so avoid urge to click -- if you are in no mood to doze off right now.


Mridul said...

I hate it when mom prattles on about my childhood ... give the kid an option to delete the blog if she hates it :-)

V said...

I wish your Mom could blog about it all.