Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Return of the Tiger

Today I am feeling adventurous enough, so I decided to file my Income Tax return.... all by myself. The last year return filing was total disaster. I think I procrastinated for too long, and then to add to the problem I am lazy, so my last year's return was filed in January. That makes it about seven months late. But then, when you late, number of months don't really matter.


Anyway, that was what happened last time. But this time as a pleasant contrast, I decided to file my return on time. I wanted to hire somebody to do it for me. But since I am in Himachal right now, getting access to such agents is not easy. I saw couple of mails floating about (in our company newsgroup) online return filing. And I decided that today is the day to try it.

Now, I am doing this in parallel. I mean if I want to record my true feellings, I need to blog while actually filing the return. And thankfully the site is so enough to do this parallely.

6-30 PM Opened
6-35 PM Page is visible... damn I need to open this in IE. Due to some problem or other these sites never work in firefox. Ahem!!
6-40 PM So IE it is. Page is loaded and I franatically look for the e-pay or e-file or something like that.
6-42 PM I see downloads and I jump for it.
6-50 PM I downloaded ITR-1 which is for individual or HUF (which is an excel sheet with macros)
6-52 PM I start filling in details. The form looks tedious and geeky. It says - Green cells are for data entry. Don not cut paste while dataentry. ITR--
7-00 PM Damn, what is my ward number? I have no clue. I don't have copies of last years return with me. I am soooooooo lost!
7-10 PM My brother told me to get the ward number from
7-20 PM This page is taking forever to display result.
7-22 PM OMG, I think I downloaded wrong ITR form. The form says it's for 2008-09. Gah! need to click on e-Filing A.Y. 2007-08
7-25 PM Ok, I got the "right" form now. Also I downloaded itr1_excel_guide just in case. Now that has caused problem and that IE window is not opening.
7-30 PM I still don't know the ward number since the page is still not done.
7-35 PM I killed the IE and tried to open the excel guide link again.
7-40 PM Damn, Damn Damn, It opened the pdf document, but now my mouse has stopped moving. I am using only keyboard to navigate right now.
7-45 PM Thankfully things became better when the whole pdf download was complete. I should have saved the file instead of opening it in IE. :-( Anyway, I did that now.
7.47 PM So now I have the right form and the guide as well. I am all set.
7-55 PM This form is equally frightful and the guide file is scarier that the form. I tried to read the guide but abondoned the idea after going through 7 pgaes. (It has total 54 pages).
7-57 PM This was trying enough to make me hungry. /me goes off to eat something.
8-15 PM Burp! I am back to tackle the forms now.
8-25 PM Excel sheet has five tabs. I am done with the first tab. The guide says click on next button which is seen in the top portion of the form.
8-27 PM The button is not getting pressed. After 8-9 attempts I somehow managed to click the button. It switched to second tab and flashed this
"The cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only."
8-30 PM I still decide to go ahead and try it.
8-31 PM Ok, I am able to fill is details. I think some cells are marked read-only by IT dept. and they are throwing warning.
8-50 PM Sigh.... I am done with filling in details as per Form 16A
9-00 PM Huh, next page is asking for tax paid details. My form 16 doesnt have bank name and branch name. Do I need to fill in this?
9-05 PM I decided to validate the pages which are already filled. OMG, page 2 shows refund of 823426 Rs.
9-20 PM I have checked everything twice already and still don't understand how the self-assessment tax is calculated in this excel sheet.
9-30 PM I have no clue about how to fix it.
10-00 PM I am going to check with some CA tomorrow.

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