Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sardar without feta

Before you ask me "what is feta?", let me explain it to you - turban is called feta in Marathi. And this particular phrase is invented by yours truly to honor certain qualities of a person, collectively. It sort of defines the essence of a person - irrespective of any physical appearances.

Ok, enough of beating around bush. I usually use this term to describe myself.

There are times when you feel absolutely driven by something - some thought or action, and then you stop thinking about any other thing. There are no second thoughts about implications nor intention to find any workarounds. You just want to do it.. that very moment. Nothing else matters or seems as important as that thing. So you do it, only to realize that you have already done it n number of times before and regretted it... every single time.

To be frank, it's pretty weird that you could repeat the same thing again. When I think back, I just chuckle and take it in my stride (Ok, I am solely responsible for it, so it's nobody's stride's business).

So thats what you call the person who does certain things without thinking much. Wouldn't you want to know what makes me qualified for this title? 


I have tons of shoes (literally) and still I go weak in knees when I see a good pair of shoes. In malls I want to avoid entering any shoe shops, but can't help it. I decide firmly that this visit is merely to say hi to all those nice shoes and to see what's happening in the shoe-world in general.

And that's the last sane thought invented by my brain.

As soon as I step inside the shop, I get carried away and decide to try couple of pairs. Brain is trying to rebel meekly but I convince it by trying-is-not-buying logic.

The shop attendants might find it bizarre. Our conversation goes like this:
"No, I don't need any help. I haven't liked anything much so far."
"Can I see that one?"
"It won't fit my feet, we won't find anything right size."
"Uh oh, it is fitting nicely, but I am sure we won't have black in this style." "Ahem, which color looks good? red or black? Can you help me decide?"
"I think I need something in blue as well"


So for a person who is not supposed to buy any shoes, I end up walking out with three pairs of shoes.