Saturday, August 27, 2011

Twitter has killed my blog

Today when I saw this blog, the realization was bit shocking that I have not been blogging for years together. Life definitely has become 2000% more busier in past few years, but there is still some time to catch up on writing.

With changes at work and two babies screaming for attention all the time, it is no surprise that I am not able to spend more than 5 mins in a stretch to do any activity. And whenever I get few mins they are gobbled by facebook and twitter (and add g+ to the list now). It is weird the way we end up spending so much time on these sites. Whenever I see links posted to blogs on twitter I get an urge to write something, but it would typically last for few second - until I speed past to the next tweet. I never even got to login into blogging page.

Now that I am here, I am finding it extremely hard to write something more than 140 characters. Ahem!

Twitter has killed my blog.

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