Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cute farfalle pasta

I fancy things more often then I should. This was my second attempt to try pasta. The first attempt was about two years back.

I remember I had bought fusilli pasta last time (because I just loved that shape). And with a lot of enthusiasm I tried to follow the instructions on the box to cook pasta. Ahem! it was all rubbery and tasteless!! for one thing, it wasn't cooked enough and to add to it, almost 40% of the ingredients required to make pasta sauce were not available. (I think most of them were important ingredients). So that was the only time I touched that pasta packet. It kept lying on the shelf until I threw if off when we shifted the house.

This week, I decided to give it a try again. My friend, Saumya told me about her pasta recipe (which gave me a sort of confidence that pasta can be made at home after all). So here is what I figured out,

1. The traditional al dente is not what I like
2. Cheese gives nice (yummy) texture to the sauce
3. Buy the sauce too

This time, I picked up farfalle pasta (again, because I loved the shape) and got one pasta sauce bottle. Cooked pasta while checking every now and then to make sure that it is cooked the way I like it..... after that, it was just anybody's game.

I loved my pasta!

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