Monday, May 26, 2003

On a hot Summer Day

It's been really a looooong time since I actually have put down any stuff here. Actually maybe it has been a long time since I got some original ideas at all.

But yesterday, I happened to be away from this mad-place (which is maddening in the extreme, to say the least) and I just had time to reflect upon how beautiful is the summer and what all I would love to do, if only I had time at my disposal.

Curling up with a good book on the cold floor, sipping some juice or munching away on some apples/chocolates is my idea of eternal bliss.

Now somehow this blog is getting bogged down in one subject (FOOD!!!) and I am not sure why.... so lets move on.

I would love to go for looong walks in the morning, before the sun is up and scorching my skin off (yeah, sometimes I DO love to think about some really weird stuff like this)

I would love to play cards with my friends in the long afternoons.

I would love to do chit-chatting about nothing in particular which all my friends.

I would love to sit and watch the bright blue sky and contemplate the coming rains.

I would love to go park on an isolated road and generally wander around the place, walking on tree-canopied roads, content in the knowledge that there is nobody around to disturb the solitude.

I would love to skip stones on a still pond, and watch the ripples disturb the calm mirror surface of the pond.

Do you have any such list of things that you'd want to do the most, on a hot summer day? I am planning to do most of these things when I reach b’bay. I am really looking forward to summer in b’bay.