Thursday, July 10, 2003

Wondering Mind

Life is funny. Really, when you think about it, life really is pretty funny. God makes it that way on purpose, I think. He's like the Universal Stand-Up Comic.

I forward some stuff sent by somebody and people find it a story with very-deep-meaning. Ha! If that doesn't prove that God has a sense of humor, I don't know what does.
After all, if He is all things to Perfection, then He's also Humor to Perfection.

I have a lot of time during my trips (from home to Cyber Gateway) to observe people...people on the road, people in the buses, people in autos, people in the know, just people.
I love people-watch…. Well, when I am not sleeping in the bus. Man, do I love it! If you ever just take the time to people-watch, you'll see many examples of God's warped sense of humor in action.

Somehow, I always try to get window seat in the bus. That is kind of nice... you get to see both the sides, I mean inside the bus as well as outside. Here in Hyderabad, it is almost impossible since all buses are always flooding with people.

Today morning I happened to get into bus first and I managed to get window seat too…. Too lucky, I tell you. As I sat near window, waiting for bus to start (yaah right .... there was pretty long queue), I saw two birds zipping through the roof, just barely missing the low roof. Nobody else noticed, except for this little girl, perhaps three or four years old. Her mother
is pulling her along hurriedly, looking for the right seat to settle into, the little girl's legs moving so fast that she almost looks like she has the swirling cartoon legs... like Fred Flinstone's as he's starting up his car. All the while, she's pointing up at the birds zooming over her head, saying, "Birds!"

The uneducated mother simply says, "We're inside, dear, there are no birds inside." Shows how much she knows.

Somewhere along the line, I suppose I'm supposed to admit that I'm no longer a child, that time doesn't stop just because I want it to. That kinda stinks, in my somewhat biased opinion. I wish I could just press the PAUSE button so the world would freeze and let me catch up. Then I could hit the PLAY button again when I'm ready.

Only problem is, I think God's got the remote.