Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Missing Bombay...

Well, I am back. It’s been real nice trip. (did I tell you that I had been to Bombay this weekend?) And I am not talking about staying part of it…. It’s the traveling part of it, which was more memorable than anything else.

It’s raining there. I am the person who always cursed rain for making commuting miserable. I really hate it when it rains hard when I start for office….. It always happens so. You start for office. As usual you are late :-) and then you get to station to discover that trains are running late too :-(. Harbour line had this inherent problem. Sometimes, I feel, they stop trains just by the sight of dark clouds, forget about rain.

But after coming to Hyderabad, I somehow started missing all that. It hardly rains here and one can survive whole season without umbrella.

Ok, so you got the point. I had been missing my home and I had been missing rain too.