Sunday, December 21, 2003

IT's SnowTime folks

Yooohoooo, my exam is over...

Ok, not exactly over, but just one paper to go now, so it's almost over. I feel so happy! It's been quite an arduous journey from eight papers to one paper. Now that it's almost over it looks like a long tiring war. War with big fat books and long cold nights!

I am looking forward to my visit to Himachal Pradesh... Tall mountains and white snow. I am bit skeptical about the cold there, but I hope I will manage. After all I am brave tiger. :-) It will be fun to see snow, since I am going to see it first time. It reminds me of Calvin. I am planning to make some funny weird snowmen like him. I wonder if I could take my Hobbes along to play with ;-) but it would be fun to make some ice balls and get into snow-fight with someone. :-D

It reminds me of Holi in Bombay, where we used to throw color on people on street and scream "Holi Hai". This was when I was in school. Apparently, they have banned it now. :-(

If not anything else, it would be fun to sip hot fuming tea in that chilled weather. It's like eating hot spicy pakodas while it's raining hard outside. I love to sit in my window and watch people getting drenched, vehicles splashing water all over and school going kids running around in small red raincoats. I love to see rain... And I am sure I will love snow too.

Snow, here I come!!!