Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Reading Reading!!!

It's bit cold here so it takes lot of willpower to sit and read whole night. I wish I could snuggle up to lil' teddy and sleep whole night (and day as well).... Does it sound too lazy? :-D

I am almost done with my exam :-) now just two more papers to go and then this ordeal will end. It wasn't all that bad. But when I see everybody else sleeping peacefully, while I am struggling with Discrete Maths here, it feels so unfair.

People ask me why I get into such troubles in the first place. But I like to see my exam result. It gives me kinda high. Sometimes I feel Life would be meaningless monotonous episode, if I wouldn't have something to do. Having exams help, at least I have something to look for.

I am planning to do PhD someday, i.e. if I could get through this one. :-p