Thursday, January 29, 2004

It snowed!!!

It snowed!! It snowed!!!

They have been always saying that it is going to snow, but it really didn’t happen till yesterday. In fact yesterday it snowed in all other places except Reading. I felt kind of ditched when I saw all those cars coming in from outside covered with snow.

But it finally snowed today… it all started with a loud thunder and then presto, it was snowing.

It looks so beautiful. And it is so much fun to watch snow falling, rather drifting down and settling on top of bushes. It looks like soft white cotton blown into the air. I watched snow for long time, sticking my nose to the huge glass window and it felt so good. (I think it felt better since I was inside the office… and not on the roads). :-D

Sadly I kept my camera at hotel, so I couldn’t take any pictures.

But hey, we are in UK for one more week, and there is always next time.