Friday, January 30, 2004

An Authentic English Dinner

We had team dinner yesterday at Chronicles Bar and Restaurant ( It is small cozy place in Reading, near our Hotel.

We had fun but it was like an adventure to select the dishes. Ummm, to start with everything which sounded great had beef and/or pork in it, so I ended up having just two things to select from – lamb in mint honey gravy and fillet of Salmon. I don’t fancy mint as much, so I decided to go ahead with Salmon fish.

The soup of the day – carrot and orange soup was good, and it was served in rather interesting bowls. Well, I can’t really call it bowl, it was like a huge plate and it took almost all the place on the table. :-)

Fish fillet was rather too bland. I never had a steamed fish with tomato catch-up before, so it was different experience.

My friend had hard time. She is a vegetarian and she had just three items marked “V” in the entire menu (whch is actually very generous of them). She decided to go for “Parsnip, cabbage, apple and mustard crumble”, since it sounded nice and it had broccoli in it. It turned out to be a huge bowl of steamed vegetables mixed with almost raw semolina. Hardly edible…


But it was fun nevertheless.