Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Oracle Mall

We went to Oracle Mall (http://www.oracle-shopping.com/home.htm) yesterday. It was bit weird to see shopping mall named as Oracle, but it is worth it. May be this was the first ever shopping Mall in Reading. The place is really huge with three levels and multiple gates. Too many shops to keep count of and we almost ended up losing our way back.

One side starts in city center and other side opens to the riverside in the back. The riverside is more beautiful. There are lots of restaurants and of course there is Warner Village Cinema. It is huge 10 screen theatre and it looks awesome from outside. I can’t see any movie there since show timings are bit odd and I don’t have enough days left here. :-(

I know what am I missing.

We went to “Yellow River”, which is Chinese restaurant near riverside. I loved food there except Thai curry. Looks like I should stop trying Thai curry any more. It mostly has coconut milk and the weird taste of raw oil, which I am not really fond of. It ruins my meal.