Sunday, March 28, 2004

Jahangir Art Gallery

It’s time to head home again. This time I managed to be away from home for about five months. Huh, I have been touring too much lately.

My favorite place to visit there is Jahangir Art Gallery. It’s amazing place and I am sure Piyusha will agree to it. Whenever we decide to meet, we choose art gallery as meeting point. Let us assume that it has nothing to do with the fact that she is always 30 to 90 minutes late (30 minutes in case Central line trains are running on time). But it sure gives me enough time to catch up with new things in Art World. There are two sections..... One with AC and one without AC, (unlike Piyusha), I visit both them with equal enthusiasm. :-)

I have seen couple of interesting exhibitions of well renowned artists. I remember one weird exhibition of M F Hussain, where the entire hall was filled with crumpled newspapers thrown around on plain white cloth. Very interesting! Considering the fact that it takes about five to six years to get the gallery booking.

I have seen their annual competition exhibitions, photography exhibitions, sculpture exhibitions and other things too. It is kind of addiction to me. I think I love watercolors more than oil paints. I like those delicate stokes and transparent watercolor layouts but at the same time I get carried away by huge, abstract oil paintings. Sometimes it’s some sculpture that catches my attention. Well, I don’t understand most of it, but something sometimes touches me. It just looks so different, so unique, so out-of-world, that it makes my trip worthwhile. (Sadly, the price tags get me back to the reality, so I cant afford to buy any of that stuff).

To top it all, there is this cute restaurant in the gallery. They have some mouthwatering delicacies and cool kala-khatta. And then we play our most hilarious game on the staircase outside. Gallery has big steps at the entrance, and it is in the corner of the crossroad. So we often sit on the steps and predict if a person walking on the road would visit gallery. It takes lot of people skill to predict it right….. Mostly people who are wearing kurtas, with long hair and having weird artistic look on their face visit the gallery. :-D

it takes an art-lover to understand another.