Friday, August 06, 2004

Aati Kya Khandala?

It was fun going to Mumbai in rainy days. I know it might sound crazy, but I really crave for rains in Hyderabad. And this time I ended up choosing perfect time to travel. It was monsoon at it's peak... heavy rains, roads full of water and skies full of dark rain clouds.

But what really caught me was Khandala. I happened to travel during day time, so I could see it all through the train window. The sight of Khandala was so fascinating, that I almost thought of getting down there instead of going home.

The lush green valley, the clouds floating lightly over the small hill and the numerous waterfalls gurgling down the valley formed a picturesque setting.

I took some pictures with my cell, but they are not yet uploaded. I kept standing in the door almost all the time.
The pleasant cool winds, the striking beauty of the hills and the winding misty paths left behind a magical feeling.

It's amazing to see Khandala in rains.


Anonymous said...

hey V, u captured nice view. Getting down at lonavala instead of going home would have been a better option
;-) - fiona.

V said...


I got those pics from some site. You will have to wait a bit to see my pictures.

daku said...

WOW Khandala looks beautiful!!!! i always had that feeling on the trains in CZ going through the mountains (well, HILLS (-; get out at some other stop and go wangering. but these waterfalls, wonderful!

MMN said...

I guessed that you didn't take these pics :P They looked as if from a professional camera not from a phone.
Upload the ones from the camera, I say :)

Noufal said...

Upload your pictures and put a more detailed write up. You sound like you throttled a creative urge here. :)

V said...

I feel it's something to be experienced. I cant put in the words all that mist, those blue hill tops and the sweet smell of rain....

Sigh, I wish I could.

emanish said...

you make me so sad V, I miss Khandala, Lonavala treks.. sniff sniff, i remember the vadapav, hot KaNis-bhutta(roasted corn), steaming tea in Khandala, Loanvala :(. i really miss the sweet days :( !

V said...


I didn't know you belong to the same part of world. :-) It's nice to hear about you.