Monday, August 09, 2004

Crab feast

It is a story about two stupid people and one big crab in a nice Chinese restaurant.

As I was saying, this place served really good dishes.... Yummy chicken dumpling, Bamboo rice, steamed fishes and mouth-watering lobsters. But once we got too adventurous to order a crab instead.

I saw that streak of faint smile on the waiter's face, but I was too excited to interpret it. He did assure us that it's going to be damn tasty and not so difficult to eat (I failed to catch the sarcasm in those words). We were rubbing our hands in anticipation... and there is comes.

To start with, I never had any crab in restaurant before and Aaditya never had any crab it self. We stared back into the face of waiter, who was patiently trying to help me out by cracking the crab with a cracker.

I was kinda horrified by the size of the thing. Operating that cracker was out of my capabilities. I was almost helpless without that waiter. But it was delicious, as guaranteed by him. Aaditya cribbed about every part of it and still couldn't stop eating it.

The entire affair was so messy, that we were relieved to know that we chose the corner table. I think the waiter wouldn't agree more about that. He was pretty helpful. I mean, he was kinda supervising our adventure.... not to mention, he was the one who was giving us "useful" hints about how to tackle it.

There are n number of crackers, spoons, knives and forks they provide to deal with the crab, but one has to eat it with hands. There is no alternative to it... unless you are eating crab meat (but then it won't be adventurous, will it?). After hell of a time and efforts, we managed to finish it. There was sigh of relief (from both, Aaditya as well as the waiter) when we kept down the spoons.

Now my expert recommendations about eating crab would be

1. Cover yourself enough so that the juices wont spoil you (hands, face, hair etc. etc.).
2. Never eat it with Aaditya.
3. Don't eat crab in restaurants.

I am going to stick to the last one. Unarguably, this was the most embarrassing thing we ever ate in a restaurant.


Mridul said...

Hehe , nice pics :D

Never had crabs with forks , spoons and crackers - never used crackers actually .... after your expierence I doubt if I will ;)

Like my uncle always says that you have to use Bernoulli's principle for eating crabs effectively :)
Good ol' hands do quiet well ...
I can see the transition in the pics - first the attempts with forks - then the use of bare hands :)

Anonymous said...

ROFL. I never had so much fun reading a blog as this one..:-D -fiona.

MMN said...

Point to be noted your honour : Aadis has lied when he said, he never had crab before. Well I had taken him to one place in SJ, but the crab was easy to eat :)

And regarding the last bullets.
1. Finish the juice first before getting on the meat
2. I would always eat it with Aaditya, by the time he has a piece, I would be finishing it :)
3. Crabs are tough to kill, clean and cook. It spoils your home for the next three days, it stinks baaad. So always have it from restaurants, if one feels he would be embarassed, just parcel it and eat at home. ;)

One of the tastiest of marine life IMHO.

Noufal said...

I've had crab once but it was all broken and opened up for me. Not too messy.

It tasted quite good (although I prefer prawns).

newt! said...

Oh god, the pics are priceless.

if you ask the waiter, they usually serve you just the crab meat.. that's my experience with chinese restaurants anyway :).. When it comes to crabs, people are really understanding.

V said...

You would want to note down the name of the place where they serve crab (unless you mention crab meat) - The Chinese Pavellion.

1. You can't finish the juices before breaking the crab. Argh.... Don't remind me of the plight of using that crab-cracker.
2. You sure can't eat with Aaditya. While breaking the crab he ends up splashing everything everywhere.... and grins victoriously. :-D
3. My mom cooks crabs at home (all the times), and they dont stink or anything. I dont think it is that difficult to clean or cook, since we have it quite often. I can't wait to go home again. Mooooom!!!

MMN said...

1. I did not find a problem with finishing the juice first. No crab cracker required, Dabur lal manjaned teeth available for me :D
2. Thanks for the advice, I will wear a helmet and a jacket when going with him
3. Me and my dad are great fans, so every time I go home, we get live river crab and cook at home. May be because me and my dad are cooking, the cleaning might not be perfect. But the leftovers of raw crab stinks. I think your mom would testify for that. :D. I would sure like to know how to clean the place afterwards though.

Anonymous said...

Crabs have been ma fav ever since I have known the taste of it. Even now the very mention reminds me of ma mom ..

*glam squeels like a baby!!*

Alex Schroeder said...

Awesome pics. :)
If we all link to them, maybe aadis' next employer will find them on Google...