Monday, August 16, 2004

Driving Styles

One hand on steering wheel,
one hand out of window.
- Sydney

One hand on steering wheel,
one hand on horn.
- Japan

One hand on steering wheel,
one hand on newspaper,
foot solidly on accelerator...

- Boston

Both hands on steering wheel,
eyes shut,
both feet on brake,
quivering in terror

- New York

Both hands in air,
both feet on accelerator,
head turned to talk to someone in back seat
- Italy

One hand on horn,
one hand on holding gear,
one ear listening to loud music,
one ear on cell phone,
one foot on accelerator,
one foot on clutch,
nothing on break,
eyes on females in next car,
- Welcome to INDIA!

LOL, this reminds me so much of my own experiments with driving. I became paranoid about walking on roads when I started taking driving classes. Can't imagine how many people like me must be driving around....


I do have a valid 4-wheeler license, but I can't imagine how a single person can manage with gear, clutch, horn, accelerator and break, all at the same time. Driving in Bombay requires use of all these, in all possible combinations and as fast as possible. You sure get to listen to lotsa sarcastic quotes if your car stops in the middle of a busy road (did I mention about the spead-breaker?). Personally, I just loved to hear those comments and chuckle... :-D

When I was learning driving, I had almost killed this fella, who tried to cross signal a bit late. I was already exhausted with the a tedious sequence of gear-clutch-accelerator-and-all-that, whilst all other vehicles were honking crazily (I wonder why can't they wait for even a fraction of a second? Argh...). This fella started running like crazy, and I just couldn't find brakes..... Thank God, the master was there to stop it. He just calmly pointed out, "Instead of screaming stop-stop, pressing brakes would be more helpful". (A good learning - Don't run around when signal turns Red.)

But I am hoping to do better..... If an ordinary truck driver can drive, then given enough time(?) and practice(?) even I can drive. :-)

On the second thought, it is TRUCK, so it doesn't really matter.... Everybody else on the road is scared of it.

May be I should try with a truck, just to get rid of the road-fear.



Mridul said...

Hmm, this is some serious motivation for me to attempt to learn driving ... too lazy to move my butt and enroll - add fear and you have a self sustaining feedback loop :P
BUT , if you can get a license , so can I :D - atleast from your driving skill desc that is ;)

I remember what my ex-director once said over lunch - he had this kick-ass car.
He could overtake everyone on ring road and blaze a trail till airport road , and from then on - people he had left far back quiet easily make it much faster to office - blr congested traffic driving ;)
Being an american he lacked the 'essential skills' to negotiate traffic like our auto-wallas :P

BTW , another lesson learned today - If you value life , do not be on the road when two people are driving V and my sis :D , and never take a ride from both ;)

aaditya said...


Corner+speed breaker is a killer combination, the complexity of brain mappings and processing required overshoot the small-tiger threshold, a circuit breaker trips, and the car jerks to a stop.

*aadis ducks


V said...

A speed-breaker immediately after a sharp turn is kinda too much for me to handle... and my area has plenty of them.


Not to mention I got plenty of "pearls of wisdom" on those turns. :-D

newt! said...

I took driving lessons when I was in Delhi at the time an 18 year old collegiate who had taken driving tips from F1 racing.
So my punjabi instructor would be gasping "You are espeeding, espeeding! eslow down!" The brake was something I got acquainted with rather late. :)

That said, if you are reckless in Delhi you won't stand out, since the bulk of traffic in the city consist of the various descendants of the Arora family in their Maruti Omnis, too busy shouting at the kids in the backseat to look at the road :)

Anonymous said...

hi vaishali,

reminds me of the time i tried a car, typical movie stuff horrible experience....dropped all ideas and content with 2 wheelers


MMN said...

I didn't know a tiger could get a license in India. :D
Anyways, what I learned is, if you want to learn driving, never go to driving schools, they screw up the whole idea. I still remember my first driving class (my dad's friend, a mechanic was the guru). "This is the clutch, this is the gear and the shift pattern is written on top of it, this is the brake and this is the steering wheel. Now drive!!!" :D

daku said...

i say, drive automatic. that gives more leeway for: looking up songs in the iPod, figuring out the map, calling voicemail on the cellphone, shaking hands in the air to trance music.... just kidding. but coming to the US, i seriously reconsidered looking down at automatic cars. lol.

Noufal said...

I remember when I was taught how to ride a 2 wheeler. The guy who was teaching me used to do stunt driving and after a day of tutelage decides to get me started with (as he put it) "the good stuff".

I declined back then but tried some stuff out when I bought my bike and scratched my neighbours car. :)

MMN said...

I say, "automatics are for kids". Real drivers don't drive automatics ;).

daku said...

Tyger tyger burning bright, in the forest of the night ((-;
what's new, girl?

Mridul said...

What is new is scaring people and 10g :D

daku said...

Mridul, what do you mean by "10g"? all i can think of is the eponymous database...

MMN, automatization is a sign of progress, and sure you don't want to appear as NOT progressive. lol. but trust me, automatic is good for people like me. it's safer that way for everyone on the roads of California.

Now, as for two-wheelers. that is something i would be way too scared to drive. but since i am graduating into sports cars, who knows what things may come. (-;

V said...


Daniela, he is referring to me attending session on Oracle 10g, and scaring people around there.

NY said...

digressing from the end comments.. driving in aamchi mumbai requires divine intervention. Nothing less will do. :)

V said...


Are you from Mumbai?