Thursday, August 26, 2004

Unpublished Work of Great Poet NKV Blake

When people hear about the word "unpublished", the first thing they want to know is if it is "authentic". So I have no other option but to publish some parts of conversations I had with the great poet.... Mind you, I would never want to publish that, but I am helpless here, you see.

Let me clarify few things here. First thing first. These are unpublished poems, that doesn't mean there are other "published" ones. :-D He is claiming to publish them soon, but lets not have high hopes. He is too busy with "other More important" things for a time being.

Ummm, I forgot about the second thing. LOL.

Ok, so here you go. The first one is,


In mornings calm, I act aloud
and feel my spirit soar

In evenings tired, I look straight back
and feel wonderful evermore

Such is my life, careless and free
and I hold nothing for tomorrow.

But spend all that I can today
and when the need arises, I borrow.

I liked this one for the sheer simplicity of the words. It makes one think that NKV is a simple person of a modest nature (which he is not IMNSHO, he is lil' evil). Don't blame me for my comments,

me: it really explains your case

me: I remember you had just 50 bucks..... You have to borrow.
me: LOL

NKV: :)

Second one is a quick impromptu...

Books and bats,
sticks and hats,
tapes and songs,
clothes all wrong,
in the boys house.

Flowers and dresses,
shoes and tresses,
perfume and paint,
enough to make you faint,
in the girls house.

And this is for the sake of authenticity.

me: LOL

NKV: I take that as a compliment?

me: tresses are also found in nkv's house

me: and I saw a bottle of old spice too.

NKV: Well.. I'm an exception. :)

NKV: I'm the poet here.
NKV: So I'm not counted. ;)

me: :-P

I tell you, it's fun to read his poems (as a first critic). :-)


aaditya said...


my roomie is a ommar kahyyam in disguise and I didn't even know!

guitar, long locks and now poetry, he sure is turning into a babe magnet ::D

Noufal said...

Bootlegging before I even release them. Good lord.

Anonymous said...

really good poems by nkv blake. will small tiger ever improve on her 'poems'?? ;-)

MMN said...

tresses and earbuds can be found everyplace where the incredible Rao goes. :)

Anyways the first poem was nice :D

emanish said...

Gaddddaaaar ... She's mine.. when i said noufal writing poetry to woe...-thisiscalledshamelessadvofyoursabblog.

daku said...

yay! this stuff is GOOD!

newt! said...

one of my irritating friends would say 'cho chweet' about the second one, so i wont :). good call on the rhyming, more like vikram seth :)

Mridul said...

You should have added comps , laptops , cd's , dvd's , floppies (5 3/4 and 3 1/2) , iPods's , pda's ... man you missed all the important things in life for bats and hats (and why hats ? i thought that was a girlie thing *yuck*) !!! Is this nkv 'only' ? :D

Nice poems man - keep it flowing.
Though next time I would prefer reading it in a book or atleast in your blog - not bootlegged versions from reviewers >:)

Noufal said...

I've got to thank you V for the initial public exposure. The reception is good. I think I'll post my stuff now. :)

V said...


It should be called IPO (not Initial-Public-Offer but Initial-Public-Overexposure). To be honest I didn't mean to do this. I just wanted it to be "you-heard-it-here-first". But I am happy to hear from all the people.

BTW, Exposure or overexposure you should publish your poems in any case.

Anonymous said...

First up, I have created three profiles on eblogger to have an id while I type a comment, and I've forgotten all the passwords.

Secondly, NKV Blake sounds neat :P.

Thirdly, was looking fwd to meeting you, but couldn't, so will look you up when I come to where you are, if I do or the next time you get here.

Fourthly, yep, like I said, NKV Blakomundo Wordsworth should stop his fishing-for-complimentsgiri and post some of his poems up.

Fifthly, hello there, small tiger !!

Maddie/Ewe/Beatrice Jezebel Parvati :D.

V said...

hello Maddie...


Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Hmm, didn't see another way to provide a comment on a non related topic, sorry about that. Any chance you can provide an RSS feed to your blog ?

V said...

I think site feed is

daku said...

Yo V, I'm back! (-; but what about your posts??? (-:

daku said...

i am led to believe that there are no longer tresses in NKV's house (at least NOT on NKV ... possibly still on poor and ol' Aadis!!!) ... (-;
anyways, V, you were asking for blog posts and i made a few, and i am still waiting for yours!!!!!!!!

V said...

Hmmm, looks like I am not able to post comments.

Rao Kaalam said...

Yay, hero is a poet too :)