Monday, September 13, 2004

Creative me!

I was busy attending some soft skill workshops at work and believe me, it kept me pretty busy. So after hard work of almost a week, here I am,

New, improved and extra-creative Tiger!!!

You must have noticed that "extra" tag there.. Well, I hate to say that I was "not" creative earlier. O:-) To be frank, I was pretty curious with the name of the session - Creative thinking using MindMaps. But I must admit, it helps a lot to get your right brain to work.

We did lot of mind exercises and tried to learn juggling. I am not sure how much juggling helps in becoming "creative". (It might be helpful, but /me couldn't do it at all.... So lets pretend that it is not required :-P ). In spite of consistent tries, I am just able to manage with two balls. But I am still trying and hoping to do it with three balls some day.

Drawing mindmaps was more fun. It's interesting to know how one's (right) mind works/thinks. Traditionally, We are so much used to think in a logical and critical mode, that it is astonishing the way things appear when we think with our right brain. After drawing couple of mindmaps, I was totally surprised to see the way my mind works. ;-) We tried different problems and situations and it was consistently generating totally different ideas, which I am sure I wouldn't have thought about earlier. Mindmaps are good for problem solving IMHO. Especially when poor ol' left brain gives up completely. Ummm, it is also useful for a typical brain-storming. These maps should be drawn on plain paper with lotsa colors ( I loved this part) , but then just one plain color works alright too. There is a free software available for people who prefer clicked-clicks over drawing on paper. But I like to do it on paper with all possible bright colors and pictures :-D

Second session was about Personal Effectiveness, but there was nothing effective to write about. We meditated a lot of times and tried to visualize success and stuff like that... Which became increasing difficult post lunch. :-D I was struggling a lot to keep myself awake, but atleast I was able to successfully meditate.

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MMN said...

Juggling improves concentration IMHO, and concentration is good for creativity :)
My be a coincidence, but the photography classes I take run on the same lines, except for the juggling part. Would be really hard for me as the only two things I can juggle in one shot are my life and work :P